Our Services

Tree Cutting

A dead tree might not “look” like a danger to your property. A certified arborist can help you decide if it’s time to remove your tree or if there’s a chance your prized plant can be saved.

Removing a tree on your own can be very dangerous, especially if you need to climb a ladder with cumbersome tools to remove bulky branches. Our team is the best tree cutting service provider in Bedford, NY, call our specialists and get a free estimate on your next tree cutting service.

Tree Removal

A tree removal service needs to be done by an experienced and reliable tree service company. For a SAFE and high-quality tree removal, contact R.A Green Landscaping.

We have many years of experience in the tree removal industry so you can have the peace of mind that it will be done with the safest high-quality standard procedures. Contact R.A Green Landscaping today to get a free estimate.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the tree stump may still be buried in ground away from sight. If the stump is not removed in time, it may be sitting there rotting and can easily become home for termites, ants and other pests. It can also come in the way of your paving and landscaping plans.

At R.A Green Landscaping, we ensure that the stump is completely removed with the roots. We ensure that the stump will not regrow and be suitable for landscaping and or be a part of a playground for young children.

Landscaping Design

Landscape design is the art of developing a property for its greatest use and enjoyment while maintaining plant life for optimal health and appearance.

To achieve this, we strive to truly understand and appreciate the aspirations of our clients, which in turn leads to creating unique designs that allow for relaxing outdoor experiences. A well-conceived landscape is properly designed as a functional extension of your home.

The landscape design planning process consists of an on-site consultation to discuss the project and measure the areas. We’ll work with you to create the ideal landscape while offering a plant and stone selection that will enhance your landscape and thrive in the varying conditions of shade, sunlight, water, and functional needs.

Our expertise in plant and tree selection will ensure the best possible long-term success of the landscape installation.

Landscape Maintenance & Installation

R.A Green Landscaping offers landscape maintenance to residential and commercial customers throughout Bedford, NY area. As a landscaping company, we can maintain your plant, flower, and tree beds; mow, fertilize, and maintain your grass; and offer a number of other services that will keep your landscaping looking its best.

We can handle your complete lawn care services or simply perform special services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking great throughout the year.

From design to installation and maintenance, we have a 12-year track record of completing projects on time, on budget and ahead of schedule. Experienced, uniformed maintenance teams set the standard each day in planting, weed control, pruning, irrigation management, maintenance and repair, and fertilization. Here in R.A Green Landscaping, we provide our clients with high-quality landscape cleanup for residential properties.

Our to deliver team is locally known exceptional results at cost-effective prices. Contact R.A Green Landscaping today for a free estimate.

Plant bed maintenance

Bed maintenance is another critical component to complete lawn maintenance, with beds that are properly maintained your shrubs will enjoy a healthier, weed-reduced environment. Bed maintenance is included in all of our year-round maintenance packages. Well placed plants and mulch add great aesthetic value to your property, but they can be pricey.

Protect your investment with regular bed maintenance to control weeds, maintain plant health, and keep your mulch looking great. At R.A Green Landscaping we offer the best plant bed Maintenance services in all Bedford, NY. Call us and get more information.

Leaf Removal

Trees are a beautiful asset in most yards, but the leaves that fall throughout the seasons can be frustrating if you like keeping your lawn clean. Leaf piles can smother your grass or trap too much moisture near the roots of your hedges.

They even provide shelter for neighborhood pests and rodents. However, clean up of leaves can be a daunting task especially if you have a large yard, a lot of trees, or both. Hire a local leaf pickup service who can tidy up your yard and haul the leaves away with R.A Green Landscaping where you will find high standard in all services that we offer.


Trees, especially certain newly planted trees, require fertilization to encourage root growth. Once the roots are established, a continued extra boost of nutrients will help the tree combat stress from pests or drought while it grows.

At R.A Green Landscaping we have the best Fertilization for your Tree, plant, Flowers and more. For get more information call us now!


Mulching is often an overlooked component to lawn and garden care and maintenance. Many homeowners hold the misconception that mulching is merely for visual purposes, but the process offers many more benefits than that. Mulch serves as a barrier to many destructive and harmful elements.

Mulching around your garden and lawn plants protects them from insects and from moles and other creatures that enjoy making lumps and tunnels throughout your landscaping.

Along with protecting your plants and soil from harmful organisms, mulch also helps control weeds, maintain soil nutrients, prevent soil erosion and foster soil water retention.

Mulch also encourages earthworms to move in and while many pests can hurt your garden, earthworms work harmoniously by improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.

Plant Health Care

Trees are inherently at a disadvantage when growing in a planted landscape setting due to turf competition, lack of soil microorganisms, compaction, poor drainage and low levels of organic matter. In addition, with the continued effects of climate change creating unpredictable weather events such as drought, wet spells and an overall warming trend, we are seeing higher levels of pest and disease pressure on plants that may already be under stress due to these weather extremes.

The trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that compose our landscapes contribute immensely to the health, function and value of the property, and need to be managed properly to increase long-term benefit.

Lawn care

We apply only research-proven treatments and state-of-the-industry practices in our care and maintenance of your property. Because that’s the dependable route to a lush, green, and sustainably healthy lawn.

At R.A Green Landscaping, lawn care is performed by our highly-trained lawn specialists. They know what they’re doing, and they love what they do.

Lawn Mowing

One of the first things people notice is your lawn. An unkempt lawn reduces curb appeal, and looks sloppy, while a tidy one sends the message that you care about keeping things in good shape. At the same time however, mowing the lawn can be a hassle, especially if you’re dealing with old or insufficient equipment.

When you work hard all week, the last way you want to spend your weekends and evenings doing is mowing the lawn, so why not join the other residents who trust R.A Green Landscaping to keep their yard in order?

More than just a mowing company, R.A Green Landscaping also takes care of any weeding, fertilization or sprinkler work you need done.

Think of us as your one stop shop for everything related to keeping your lawn beautiful! Beyond saving you time, there are many reasons to go with a company like R.A Green Landscaping for your lawn mowing needs.

Stone Wall Services

At R.A Green Landscaping we are proud to provide our clients with a variety of services and above all materials with which to work to complete the projects they need. Our company offers solutions to your construction needs, we provide block wall construction work to clients, always with high quality and above all using the latest technology in line with industry standards.

Our current clients are more than happy with the projects we have developed, due to our efficiency and quality. If you are thinking of building a wall, we have the solution, call us today and request a free estimate for your next block construction project.

Retaining Walls / Planter Wall Construction

We build retaining walls which are structural, functional and stylish. Retaining walls are designed to prevent the soil and earth from sloping downwards towards any space which will be used for use. This is usually found in uneven levels of land, for garden beds and for any area on a slope which can be potentially used.

Retaining walls are not only functional they also create a new level within a landscape which can be utilized. Our retaining wall solutions are designed to bring an element of depth and are built using beautiful materials.

We can use any combination of stone, brick, rendered brick or cladding to complement your landscape.

A retaining wall needs to be built with the best material and with the best quality…otherwise it will not be able to support the weight of the soil and it can break. Our team has built thousands of retaining walls. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your retaining wall needs.

Carpet Cleaning

When you choose R.A Green Landscaping for carpet cleaning, you get a deeper clean, faster-drying carpets and a healthier home for you and your family. For many years, R.A Green Landscaping has been the professional carpet cleaning expert people have trusted to deliver the best carpet cleaning service available.

Whether it is through steaming or shampoo, you can count on our professionals from R.A Green Landscaping to assist you in your carpet cleaning. We eliminate germs and grime from every fiber through deep carpet cleaning that will leave it as good as new.

Windows Cleaning

When the sun is shining, you want to let the light into your home. But if you have dirty windows, you won’t be getting as much light as you should be!  At R.A Green Landscaping, our window cleaning services – a must for any happy home. 

Our friendly, uniformed technicians are ready and able to clean both the outside and inside of your windows… and they’ll do it so well you’ll wonder where your windows have gone!

Cleaning General Services

If you are looking a general cleaning for your home let me tell you that are At R.A Green Landscaping has the best Cleaning general services, we offer different Cleaning services with different promotions for get more information about our services Don’t forget call at 914-469-1406 and ask about our services, we are glad to assist you and do all the services that you need in your home with  high and cost effectiveness standard in the industry.

Snow Removal

Homeowners know that ice and snow will wreak havoc on a house, if not properly removed throughout the winter months. R.A Green Landscaping will provide snow removal services to keep your home safe and your lawn beautiful in winter and the following seasons. We also offer snow blowing service and snow shoveling service to keep walkways, decks, and patios clear of snow and ice.